Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dennis the Menace.

For those of you who haven't had the great pleasure to become acquainted with Dennis Blackburn, I'd thought I'd give a little tribute to this great person and some reasons why I am so happy/grateful/thankful/excited/lucky to marry him.

Dennis always...

--Opens my car door. Even when it's clearly impractical and out of the way he always manages to do so.
--Laughs at my jokes. Sometimes I'm not sure if he's laughing at me or the awesome joke.
--Rubs my feet. He insists on rubbing them. I'm not kidding.
--Gives me compliments. I'm convinced I'm the hottest/smartest/coolest girl in the world.
--Listens to me. He is a great listener and always gives great feedback.
--Loves me despite my hygiene issues: not shaving my legs/brushing my teeth/showering/washing my hair (wow, I'm disgusting)
--Makes me breakfast. He is an amazing cook. I think there's a little role reversal there.
--Finds time for me in his busy schedule. He sacrifices a LOT of time for me.
--Watches scary movies with me. Although I have sworn those off.
--Surprises me with chocolate covered raisins. He knows that I am addicted and will do anything for them.
--Puts up with me during that time of the month (I have crazy mood swings lately)
--Drives up to Salt Lake from Provo a heck of a lot more than I drive down there.
--Fixes and builds anything. He is amazing at construction and always offers his help around my house.
--Waits on me hand and foot. Even before I need something he is already up and retrieving it.

The list could go on for days but for your sanity I shortened it quite a bit. Anyway I wanted to prove to Dennis that I could be a little cheesy from time to time, even though it's completely out of character for me to do so publicly. I'm so lucky to be marrying this great guy. I hope you all are fortunate enough to get to know Dennis some day.