Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This one's for all you fixed-geared, bike riding hipsters.

Please watch this video. There's nothing more I appreciate when hipsters get made fun of. It's funny how riding a fixed-geared bike is really, really cool. I guess I can really appreciate this video because I like to road bike and I hate hipsters. So please enjoy. Click here to see an awesome video making fun of hipsters

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Recent political banter...

Ayn Rand has had a pretty profound influence on my way of thinking. Once upon a time I tended to side with more liberal beliefs. Then I had an awakening. Things clicked in my mind. And capitalism and a free market made perfect sense. Anyway, politics are really interesting to me. I had a recent Facebook banter with some fellow left-wingers. What are everyone's thoughts on this recent news about Orrin Hatch trying to implement drug testing for those seeking to receive welfare checks? I thought it seemed like a novel idea in some aspects.

Read Orrin Hatch's Proposal

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Please don't judge me but we got another dog.

Yep. Dennis called me on the way home from work one day and announced that he was driving home with our new dog in his lap. Awesome. Of course I was a little nervous/mad/confused. I was mad because as most people know we got rid of our Husky puppy two weeks after we bought him. But, Dennis convinced me this dog, which is much older and much more obedient ,will be better suited for us.

Well, he was right. Stella is her name and I'm obsessed. She is the best dog ever. SERIOUSLY. I know everyone says their dog is the best but she really is. It's her goal in life to predict what Dennis and I want her to do. She's all about pleasing us. Our little servant if you will.

The best part about Stella is she loves to go mountain biking with us. She doesn't require a leash and stays right on our heels (I should say tires) the entire ride. She is super agile, athletic and fast. She's a mini Australian Shepherd and couldn't be more adorable.

Ok, so I know I said she was perfect but there are a list of things she needs to improve on:

1- She is TERRIFIED of other dogs. Dennis took her to the park the other day and to his surprise found Stella had ran all the way home (a couple blocks) because a Lab started chasing her.

2- She is very skittish around children. Dennis and I are starting to think that she may have been pushed/bullied/abused by dogs and kids from her previous owners.

3- She may need doggy Valium. She has an extreme case of separation anxiety. When Dennis and I arrive home after a day of working we find a path she has created in our backyard. I'm not exaggerating in telling you that she runs circles in our backyard all. day. long. She is pooped when we get home. (That might be a good thing.)

4- She pooped in our new car. Yep. Dennis was really happy about that.

5-She wakes up at 5:30 am EVERY MORNING. How do we break our dog of this horrible habit??? I feel like I have a baby.

Hopefully you can all meet Stella. She's a keeper. I promise.