Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Goodbye unemployment...

Being let go from a job can be very discouraging, and quite frankly depressing. But the one good thing about this experience are the opportunities that suddenly presented themselves. If only I knew back in April, when my principal came in my room and told me that they wouldn't be "renewing my contract" that I wouldn't have to fret, indulge in my self-pity, and wallow in my hopelessness, then the bullet wouldn't have been as deep. Things always get better. Always. It's extremely easy to question your ability as a professional, to question your self-confidence and to ask the question, "who will hire me now?". But never lose faith in yourself. That's all we really have, right? When we start doubting our abilities, talents and skills, we only make things more difficult for ourselves. I'm grateful for the experience. It genuinely has made me a stronger person. I know that I'll look back a couple years from now and laugh.

Well...I'm not teaching but I am writing. I got a job as a technical writer for a company called Docuprep. Best part is, not only does my boss live two doors down from me, but he's also my bishop. That means from now on, no missing church, no missing work and never committing a sin that requires a bishop appointment. Ever. But I must admit...he is an awesome guy. Awesome enough to give me a job.

Goodbye unemployment. It was great relationship while it lasted. But, I knew it wouldn't last forever.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yes. My favorite time of year is almost here.

My favorite time of the year is approaching. I can already feel it in the air. I LOVE fall and everything that comes with it. Only during fall is when I really miss college. Why? Because I LOVE Utah Football! Here are some other reasons why I LOVE fall:

1-First and foremost...I'm OBSESSED with Halloween. I love anything scary, gory, Satan-like and fear-inducing.
2-Haunted houses. Ok, ok. I know I'm not 16 anymore but let's be honest. I will be going to haunted houses until I'm 90.
3-The warm days and cool nights. Fall weather is perfect.
4-Colors. Who doesn't love the trees during the fall in Utah??
5-Horror movies. Now I actually have an excuse to watch these. Even though Dennis and I watch at least two a week. We're secretly horror movie junkies.
6-Hot chocolate. Cool weather=7 11 hot chocolate.
7-Fall clothes. My fave. I love sweaters, boots, jackets, and scarves.

The only bad thing about fall is winter is right around the corner. And I hate winter.

Happy early fall!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

To my wife Ashley Engar (someday she will change her name to Blackburn).

Greetings to all. My name is Dennis blackburn, the husband of Ashley Engar. It is close to three in the morning and I can't sleep, so I have taken ash's blackberry from the nighstand as she sleeps. I figured I will get tired really fast as I try to do a blog post from a phone.

I shall do a tribute to Ashley for the following reasons:
1. I love her more than anything in the whole world.
2. We are constantly trying to annoy each other, and I know that nothing annoys her more than being corny, lovey, and what most would agree.....human.
3. Two days ago I got on her facebook and changed her status to "Ashley smells." its time I make it up to her.

Ashley is the coolest. She just taught me the definition of "superfluous", and trust me, I am not being superfluous when I say she is the coolest. Did you know she rode a bicycle 111 miles today? Not only that, but she rode it with a group of men who do extensive training and whose bikes also weigh half as much as hers. Oh yeah, she also just had a major knee surgery on November and a knee scope not even a month ago. Pretty incredible, eh? On top of that, you won't believe what she did after the race. Most people who ride 111 miles grab a couple days worth of food, the tv remote, and their phone, because they know they won't be walking for a couple days. Ash would have enjoyed that, but instead she went and babysat her two nieces who absolutely worship the ground she walks on.
You are probably asking yourself "what the hell were you doing Dennis?" I was pased out asleep on the couch (explains why I can't sleep tonight) as she made dinner, changed two diapers, and played with puzzles intended for a three year old.

This is just one days example of incredible she is. She is constantly doing things like this. She has just started cooking, and I assure you all she is a hell of a cook. We went mountain biking iin Jackson and she biked up and down mountains most men won't attempt. When she was wrongfully and unjustly let go from her teaching job in park city, she received letters and remarks fro countless students and parents with remarks such as " I never liked English until I had you." Or " my child is coming home from school for the first time ever with an interest I literature."

I know I'm preaching to the choir because if you are reading this, you already know Ashley and how great she is. For all of you men reading this, first of all, you shouldn't be reading blogs. They are womanly and lame. Second of all, I'm sure your wives are great, but Ash is the best.

It is now 3:45. Ashley informed me a couple weeks ago I'm a poor communicator, so hopefully this will express myself a bit better. I set out with the endeavor to be as corny as I could. I have reached a level of corniness I never knew I could attain. I love you Ash, and can't wait for tomorrow when you ae awake again. Goodnight.