Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yes. My favorite time of year is almost here.

My favorite time of the year is approaching. I can already feel it in the air. I LOVE fall and everything that comes with it. Only during fall is when I really miss college. Why? Because I LOVE Utah Football! Here are some other reasons why I LOVE fall:

1-First and foremost...I'm OBSESSED with Halloween. I love anything scary, gory, Satan-like and fear-inducing.
2-Haunted houses. Ok, ok. I know I'm not 16 anymore but let's be honest. I will be going to haunted houses until I'm 90.
3-The warm days and cool nights. Fall weather is perfect.
4-Colors. Who doesn't love the trees during the fall in Utah??
5-Horror movies. Now I actually have an excuse to watch these. Even though Dennis and I watch at least two a week. We're secretly horror movie junkies.
6-Hot chocolate. Cool weather=7 11 hot chocolate.
7-Fall clothes. My fave. I love sweaters, boots, jackets, and scarves.

The only bad thing about fall is winter is right around the corner. And I hate winter.

Happy early fall!


Erin Bradley said...

Im with ya Ash...I love fall. We need to get our girls camping trip in before it gets too late.

Kristen M said...

Fall in Utah is the best. Don't get falls out here in Southern Cali, and while the beach is great, it just doesn't make up for the beauty of Utah in the Fall. Enjoy it.

Raising Helm said...

Look at you, so on top of your blogging. Halloween...Hmm we did go to a few of those haunted houses in our days.
I do remember a dog poop incident before we got into your dads truck on our way to a haunted house. For some odd reason that just popped into my head. And you always seemed to dress in freaky attire. I remember that dead Annie game and broom game. Oh my goodness I am having a flood of memories come back of all the crazy scary things we did. Apparently they got the best of me and I can't handle scary movies anymore. sad i know. You crack me up!!!

Ashley Engar said...

Brittany--that's hilarious. Now that you mention that dog poop incident and can actually recall that event! Thanks for being a good sport! Being my friend was quite an interesting experience...I'm sure.

Bret and Cherissa Newton said...

Fall is seriously the best time of year. Can't you just smell it coming on too? Two weeks ago I said, "Yum, I can smell fall." My favorite thing to do is open the sunroom while I drive to feel cool air and hot sun!

Engars said...

Um, I did not realize until now that we might be the same person. I am in love with all of the things on your list (except I could not care less about football), but I will take Halloween, scary things, and scary movies any day of the week. And I also HATE winter worse than just about anything. Just come here for November-March, winter isn't near as bad here, but it still isn't summer so it sucks.