Saturday, February 28, 2009

Another day another dollar...back at the grind.

Working. As of lately I have grown to despise working. Since when did reporting to an authoritative figure (your boss) become something we all have to deal with on a daily basis? Shouldn't we all be treated equal? I find my job very stressful and difficult. It's not easy waking up Monday through Friday at 5:30 AM, not only to discipline/babysit 15 and 16 year olds but also to plan lessons, grade, maintain efficient organization, attend mandatory workshops/meetings, maintain comradery with fellow teachers, deal with upset parents, and listen and obey a demanding, yet profoundly tactless principal. My brother worries that someone from my administration will one day read my blog about the atrocities of teaching and fire me. Well brother, don't you worry. My principal, just on Wednesday, referred to me as Ashley "Enger". If she still can't pronounce my last name, I highly doubt she'll spend time online google searching "Ashley Enger".

The point of this post is to publish my envy and jealously of stay-at-home-mom's. Not to say that being a mother isn't a job, but at least you don't have to deal with meeting a higher authority's objectives and outlandish requests. I also discovered the most of us in the work force are pretenders. We pretend we like our bosses to their faces but behind closed doors (or in the hallway at school) our true feelings come to the surface. We as teachers vent our inner most hateful thoughts of superiors. "Why must we be subordinates?!" We cry out. "Why?! Why?!"

I had the pleasure today to attend my good friend Shanna's sealing to her husband Nate. It was awesome. Another awesome event was going to lunch with a few friends afterward. We started talking about getting pregnant and working vs. staying at home, and the overall consensus reached was that yes, staying at home is much better than working. So why, I persistently ask myself, am I working? After marriage comes staying at home then the baby? Or after marriage comes the baby then staying at home. Someone may need to clarify the order of the phrase for me before I quit my job.

My hope is that someone reading this blog can relate to me on some level so I know I'm not alone out there. And to all those stay-at-home moms out there--good for you. You are obviously very intelligent and deserve to be commended for your wise choice in having children.

If you find that I get pregnant much sooner than expected, just read this blog again and you'll know why. Sorry. Not one of my most optimistic posts.