Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I just had to...

Since I don't talk about my family much I decided to brag a little. These are pics of some of our nieces and nephews. We are proud to be these little runts' aunt and uncle. And we might just have the cutest nieces and nephews to ever exist. Ok I'm exaggerating just a little.

**I definitely stole these pics off my families websites...sorry I couldn't resist.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

An Incident at the Church

Last night Dennis and I had the pleasure of cleaning the church. Because we're such generous, selfless and kind people we volunteered to help our neighbor Adam out by helping him with his calling--ward facilities coordinator (a glorified janitor). That's a complete lie. Adam volunteered us to clean the church, and we gladly accepted.

First of all, let me just say how terrifying an empty, dark church building is at night. While I was setting up chairs in the primary room (super creepy), I kept turning around to psyche myself out by a garbage can that closely resembled a man in a gray suit. It happened almost three times within five minutes. In the midst of this torment by the garbage can, Dennis had the audacity to creep up behind me and scare me almost to the point of death . We almost got divorced. But I forgave him.

After laboring over this grueling work for an hour, (hopefully you caught the sarcasm) our last job was to check the bathrooms for toilet paper, and paper towels. We all split up, and I took the men's bathroom downstairs. With a great urge to relieve myself (don't worry, just #1) I decided to use the men's bathroom quickly without anyone noticing. After all, we all split up and my understanding was I was checking this specific men's bathroom. While I was doing my business, I hear someone walk in and I assume that it's Dennis, because the very idea of Adam walking in was just absurd and inconceivable. Here's how the conversation goes, while I continue to relieve my bladder:

me: "Dennis?"

unknown: "Adam."

me: "Dennis?" (thinking, clearly Dennis is playing another joke on me)

unknown: "Adam."

me: (now realizing that it truly is Adam and I'm now mortified) "Oh. Sorry. I just really had to go. So sorry." (I'm still going to bathroom at this point.)

Finally, after what seemed like ten minutes, he leaves the bathroom. I was somewhat confused about the length of time he decided to stay even after he realized I was using the bathroom. The awkwardness was palpable.

After this horrible encounter, I'm not sure how I can actually face Adam again. After moments of contemplation, I finally force myself to leave the bathroom. I surely can't stay in there forever. I find Adam and Dennis, and in an attempt to not make things even more awkward, I apologize again to Adam. Dennis is confused by my apology, but then realizes what just happened and big grin forms on his face.

That is the first time I've experienced getting caught relieving myself in the men's bathroom and hopefully it will never happen again. It was a stupid, impulsive decision that should've been thought through. Honestly, what was I thinking??

Hope you're all having a great Wednesday. Peace.