Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Big 3-6

My sister might kill me for posting her age. But she'll live through it. I just wanted to give a shout out to this fantastic woman. Brittany and I have the pleasure of working together. I'll admit, I was a wee bit worried when the news of her employment at Docu Prep was made known. But it truly has been great working together.

Brittany is one of the smartest women I know. Seriously. Her brain power blows me out of the water. All of our co-workers continually comment on how "smart" she is. And how "on top of things" she is. Well, it's true. Somewhere in our biological make up, she got all the intelligent genes.

Not only is she extremely sharp but very generous too. Brittany would gladly give you the shirt off her back. I always catch her doing things for kids, husband, family, friends and strangers. She works 40+ hours a week then comes home to two rambunctious girls both under the age four. Some how she manages to keep her cool and keep trudging along. She is a woman whose generosity and selflessness is not recognized nearly enough. She deserves a big bright gold medal.

In my opinion, the greatest trait Brittany exudes is her loyalty. I've never met someone who is so willing to sacrifice so much for people she loves. She genuinely cares for and will fight to the death for her family and friends. I have always known that she will be a huge support to me no matter what my decisions are.

Happy birthday Britt!! I hope the next 36 to come are some of the best years yet. You deserve them!

**I decided to post pictures of her two girls. I knew disclosing her age and then on top of that a picture of her might be a little too much. (thanks mark for the picture)


Brittany said...

I am truly lucky to have a sister like Ash – not only do I get to have her as a sister but also as a best friend. I love you Ash

laura n. said...

happy, happy birthday Brittany! I ditto everything Ash said about you. you're the best. love you. xoxo.

Raising Helm said...

How neat are you guys. Happy birthday to Brittany! Cute girls and I am amazed at how much she manages in her daily life. Go get 'em! You sure are a nice sister.

The Neilson Family said...

I am waiting for the movie reviews!!! Oh, and Darren and I love Super Mario Brothers you should try that one. Wat fun!!

Ashley Blackburn said...

Lace-I know I've heard it's fun. We are a little hesitant because we don't want to spend even more time in the Wii!!! Our movie blog will be up shortly!