Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Laura Jane

Today, this special girl turns twenty-something. Laura and I have shared many memories together and through thick and thin we have remained as close as ever.

For a while many people thought we were lesbians, simply because we chose to boycott men and sleep in the same bed for 9 months straight. Well I'm here to tell you we actually succumbed to dating men again. We both tied the knot with a couple of fine fellows.

I think we can all agree Laura epitomizes selflessness and being a wonderful and true friend. Here are some reasons why I cherish Laura and her unwavering class.

1- Laura's hugs (ok, already that sounds a little lesbianish but she gives great hugs)
2- Laura's adorable cheeks--primarily her dimples
3- Laura's little toes and fingers --a favorite of mine and Carlee's. (So far, this all sounds a little lesbian but I promise I'm not. Truly)
4- Laura's incapability of putting herself first. It's impossible.
5- Laura's beautiful smile
6- Laura's sense of humor (her daily stories are always hilarious)
7- She is everyones number one fan. She will always tell you how great you are and how you can do anything.
8- Her ease of forgiveness. Laura holds no hard feelings.
9- Her constant support.
10- Her love for the earth.
11-Her love for animals.
12-Her ambitious vision.

This list could go on for days. I hope everyone gets a chance to know and love Laura because she's a treat to have around!! Cort's a lucky guy!

Love you Laur. Happy Birthday.


laura n. said...

i'm a little choked up. well, ok, you know me better than that, i'm a lot choked up. i sure love you ash...thanks for being such a great friend. you are truly the BEST. xoxo

Morgan-- said...

I agree on her adorable dimply cheeks, and she has one of sweetest hearts! Happy Birthday beautiful Laura!

Anna said...

You're a sweet friend... I will admit though, the family threw around the idea of the two of you being lesbians for a long time.

Ashley Blackburn said...

The decision to separate was a difficult one. Still regret it.