Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pilates is the new black.

So I may have put down a 200 dollar deposit to reserve myself a seat in a classroom setting, come September 9th. Only this classroom setting doesn't involve a lot of books, per se. But it does involve a Pilates reformer machine. You may be asking yourself--is Ashley going to become a Pilates instructor? Yes. Yes I am. And I'm ecstatic about it.

It all took place a couple months ago, when my friend Blaire convinced me to join her in a Pilates Reformer class. It was love at first sight. Actually it was more than that. It was an epiphany. Now, the only other time I've had a true epiphany was when I decided it was time for me to teach hormone-crazed teenagers. Well, that hasn't exactly panned out like I had planned. Hopefully this latest epiphany will, because I am already $200 poorer as of yesterday.

For those of you who have yet to experience the pure ecstasy of Pilates on a reformer machine, you are seriously missing out. Although the classes can be a little pricey, the benefits and experience far out weigh the price. You leave feeling like a million bucks, and of course sweaty, rejuvenated, and just plain happy. It's a magic machine.

Anyway, if you happen to reside in the greater Salt Lake area, feel free to partake of this goodness at the King Studio in foothill village. My fellow Delta Gamma pledge-sister, Stephanie Stinson (now Willey) teaches the class. She's amazing. Almost as amazing as the reformer machine.

Hopefully one day I'll actually look like a typical Pilates instructor. I can dream big, right?


Krista said...

i would love to take a pilates reformer class. maybe one day.
i think that's a great idea to become a teacher....i wish i was as a quick way to make a little extra $ as a mom and get my workout in at the same time!

Ashley and Ezra said...

Oh you already have that body... as soon as you are licensed, people will be lining up to take your class just so they can look like you! Im not kidding here... you're sexy! One day when I have $ and time I'm coming to your class! Can't wait!

Raising Helm said...

Not everyone goes and does what they are inspired to do ya know. Bravo! I am very impressed with your go get 'em attitude and of course fearlessness. "I will teach" ---Done! "I will do pilates"---Done!(in process) But I think it is totally awesome and I hope you enjoy every bead of sweat!

Season said...

That sounds fun, Ash. I'd pay $200 to feel like a million bucks. That's a pretty good return on investment. :) I want a pilates instructor body too!!! I'm looking into this.