Monday, January 3, 2011

Come take Reformer Pilates from me. For Free!

So it's official. I started teaching. And guess what? Your first two classes are FREE! So now you have no excuse not to come try it out!

I thought I'd let all you fabulous bloggers know that beginning this new year I will start teaching Group Reformer Pilates at King Studio in Foothill Village. My classes begin tonight, Monday, January 3rd.

What a fantastic way to start off the new year by getting in shape and taking Reformer Pilates! If you haven't had a chance to partake of this pilates goodness now is the time to get started. The first time I did pilates on a reformer I fell in love, and I can guarantee you will as well. I decided to become an instructor to pass on my love and passion for this amazing work out. I've had knee problems the past few years and I have finally found something I can do that is very challenging yet easy on my joints. I hope you all will take this opportunity to join me this new year in getting in shape!

Below are my class times and prices. Space is limited to 6 so call, text or email me to reserve a few days in advance to secure your spot! I look forward to seeing all of you soon:) Call for any questions on group pricing, duets, or private training. I will most likely be picking up additional class times in the near future. Happy New Year!

King Studio:
1400 Foothill Dr. suite #228
Salt Lake CIty
(on the second floor in the south west corner of Foothill Village--above Steinmart)

4:30-5:30 pm

4:30-5:30 pm

5:45 -6:45 am

8 am- 9 am

Pilates Pricing:
First two classes FREE!!
5 pack for $90 ($18/class)
10 pack for $150 ($15/class)

Peace and love,




chelsea b james said...

sure wished i lived in slc. I want to take your class so bad! that is pretty rad that you are teaching, your husband is one lucky fool

Ashley Blackburn said...

Ah Chels. I would love it if you came. If you're ever up in SLC, let me know and I'll schedule a class with you!

Mandy said...

i would come too if i was in slc. I will pass your email on to my friends there. sound like a fun class!

crystalyn and rob said...

i wish i lived in slc so i could come! i have just been getting into the reformer here in minneapolis

Season said...

I passed this info on to my family and friends. Love you, Ash. I'm looking up century rides to maybe try this year....