Monday, July 18, 2011

I miss.

I miss mountain biking.

I miss road biking.

I miss cute clothes.

I miss weekend camping trips full of river rafting and biking.

I miss eating like a normal person.

I miss a good night's rest.

I miss my old life.

Despite my "feeling sorry for myself" state, I know it will all be worth it when we welcome this little nugget.


Raising Helm said...

Was that your tummy? Holy cow! whether it is or not. Yes, soon enough you will miss that little nugget in your belly. maybe:) Hope you are feeling well. Cheers! to this new adventure!

laura said...

you won't even think of those things once the little wee arrives. can't wait to see your sweet belly. and face.


The Neilson Family said...

Oh yes. Life will be all about that cute little girl! You will love it! It will be all worth it.

Erin Bradley said...

you look adorable!!! i know it's hard to feel that way that though. so excited for you to join the mommy club and have lots of play dates with us!

Ashley Blackburn said...

FYI--not my tummy. Some cool pic I found online :).

Patrick Shaha said...

This is Mindy, by the way. That is the coolest picture ever! Well, the harsh reality is life as you know it is OVER! It really is. It's like I had my pre-kid life and now my post kid life. Two totally different things... so you'll just have to adjust to the new and embrace it! You can make modifications... like get a burley to tow your kiddo in! We love ours and I cruise all over the neighborhood (sorry, probably not quite conducive enough for mtn. biking). Oh, and you'll eventually get your cute figure back and be able to sleep through the night again... they'll probably happen around the same time. And you're lucky you've got grandparents nearby, you can always drop the little one off and go shopping for cute clothes on your mountain bike and drink a diet pepsi or whatever you want! haha.

amanda james said...

I hear you sister. I felt the same way about all that'll soon forget and then the whole cycle with start again! can't wait for you to have a little nugget!