Friday, December 16, 2011

What once was, now has been replaced.

Our dog has inexplicably become the red-headed step child. What once was the apple of our eye, has now hastily taken the back seat in the Blackburn house-hold. One might ask how such a travesty can occur. My answer to you is a 12 pound, eating, pooping, keep her mommy and daddy on their toes, machine. Her name is Emery. And she has taken over our lives. One diaper change at a time.

Emery came to this world October 24, in true overly dramatic, movie-like fashion. After a 34 hour labor, and an hour of pushing with forceps, she finally decided to grace us through a C-section. Her mommy wasn't ecstatic about the news of surgery, but was grateful nonetheless for her safe arrival. The first words emanating from the doctor as he pulled her out of my tummy, were "Wow, she's a huge baby!" That she was. All nine pounds seven ounces of her.

Before it was time to push, Emery decided remaining posterior (face-side up)was the only way she would attempt the birth canal. After an hour of coaxing and in reality trying to force her out, we all knew it was not going to happen safely. We pulled the plug and I came to grips with the fact that I wouldn't, in actuality, be giving birth. Despite my utter gratitude for her health and safety, I somehow felt inadequate as a mother. In this situation, I couldn't by any means give birth the natural way. It was disheartening, but in the grand scheme of things, it really didn't matter. I had a beautiful, dark-haired baby girl and I was happy. Besides, I dealt with a horrendous pregnancy for a while, so I guess that in itself makes up for my lack of birthing skills.

The next hurdle was breast-feeding. Truth be told, no one informed me of the frustrations nursing has to offer. I assumed your milk comes in the day you give birth, that your baby latches on right out of the womb, and that the natural feeding system is stress free and easy as pie. Boy, was I mistaken. After attempting to throw in the towel numerous times, I decided to stick it out no matter what it took. After all, I had a C-section and was not about to fail at nursing.

The nursing plight became a thing of the past, and baby and I were well on our way to a successful feeding relationship. I was once again a well-equipped mother.

Emery is gracefully aging into a post-newborn. She is almost 8 weeks and continually shows signs of contentment such as smiling, cooing, gurgling and adorably kicking her legs. As each week passes, she miraculously develops into an older, wiser, and more mature infant. Her progression is quite astonishing and sometimes I find myself wishing she would stay just where she is. A cuddly, squirmy, sack of potatoes.

Although our dog's walks and morning cuddle sessions are no longer to her liking, we still love her and consider her an integral part of our family. Emery and Stella will one day undoubtedly become best friends.


chelsea b james said...

yay finally an update! she is a beauty. I can't believe a 9 1/2 pound baby came out of your small little body. Good work sista. please, after lulu came, we got rid of our dog. So don't feel bad. stella will be on the backburner for awhile, but after 8 months or so, it won't be like that anymore. Plus, a c section really doesn't sound that bad when you get a third degree episiotomy. trust me, i was wishing I had a c section. lets just hope with the twins i don't have to have a c section and vaginal. oh please no. Good luck! can't wait to see more pics of emery.

amanda james said...

i love your writing, I could read your blog for hours. that is a huge compliment because I'm usually too a.d.d., and I go through the photos in seconds. Our dog is on the back burner and thinking of putting her on anti depressents. Poor little soul. To think I used to sleep with out dog under the covers in the bed? yep, nasty. I'm sorry about the c-section, but now your vajajay is in a+ condition. It was like a grenade went off on mine. Your baby is so so cute. That's so cool that you stuck it out with breasfeeding.

Mandy said...

She is so freaking cute!!!! Wish I could hold her!

Raising Helm said...

I have been anticipating the news...FINALLY! don't worry I figured you were a bit "busy":)She is truly beautiful Ash. Love the pics. Sorry to hear of all the drama, but grateful you are both safe and healthy. I just had to smile and cringe of the whole nursing experience. Why doesn't anyone tell the truth? Pain oh pain- eventually it does get better. Nursing is a bit of: The good,the bad, and the ugly. You are doing the right thing, and that is doing whatever works best for you. Good luck, hang in there, and CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Merry Christmas to your cute little family!

Ashley and Ezra said...

Okay she is amazing... and let me be the first to say I am so sorry I didn't warn you about nursing, because I HATED it for a while... so don't feel bad that it took some time... Its painful and confusing etc. etc. haha but at least you have this amazing adorable sweet little girl! Congrats!

Bret and Cherissa Newton said...

Uh, I must hold that warm little sack of potatoes! She is so adorable.

Meg said...

This is your cousin Meg...I am so excited for you. She is absolutely beautiful and a large little gal. Love them that way! Hope I can meet her sometime. I love her name too. I know what you mean about the dog taking a backseat, ours has as well!