Monday, May 4, 2009

Drama, drama, drama...and more drama.

I know I'm guilty of being one of those lazy bloggers. But I've been extremely bombarded with stress, drama, change, you name it, so bear with me. This summer when I have absolutely NOTHING to do, I will hopefully blog to you some interesting tales of the "nothing to do summer of 2009". So now that that the tides have died down a bit I decided to update you on our current status.

Dennis recently graduated from BYU in construction management (congrats Dennis!). He scored a sweet, potentially career-oriented job with Layton Roofing. He's been working there for a couple weeks and really enjoys the hard labor, in the sun, getting burnt while his diet consists of Rockstar engery drinks and sunflower seeds. He's such a construction worker. But other than the rigorous, back-breaking work he engages in everyday he actually sees this job as something that could pay off with a little tenacity and patience. Before Dennis can achieve ultimate success in his career he must experience some humility ;).

I on the other hand got laid-off from my job. Well technically they decided "not to renew my contract" for next year. This is an hour and a half story in itself. So if you have some time this summer to hear about the infamous and controversial "budget-cut lay-off" at Park City High School, give me a call because I'll be lying on my couch with nothing to do.

Being let go from a job forces to you contemplate your career and the $20,000 degree that got you that job. So while crying and whaling in my pitiful and sorry-for-myself state, I've been toying with the idea of pursuing another career.

Here are my options and by all means, please tell me where you think I fit best:

1-Nursing. Yes this means I will be going back to school for perhaps three or four more years.
2-Writing. It's what I majored in. Maybe I should pursue it??
3-Teaching...ugh. Am I just a sell-out or should I really not be teaching?? Maybe I should ask my principal.
4-Serving tables. I've done this for four or five years. I could make this a career.
5-Stay-at-home-wife. This entails doing nothing. However, I am good at that. I don't think Dennis likes this option.

Aside from the job drama, Dennis and I are doing well. We are adjusting to marriage at a successful rate (in Ashley terms). Dennis still remains in a perfect state, while I, being the crazy, hormonal, fickle and hard to please wife, am slowly learning humility, patience and love. Despite Dennis's unrelenting trial as he married and continues to stay married to Ashley Engar, we are happily married and couldn't be in a better place in our lives. Dennis is truly a resilient and patient guy. I have to applaud him on being so damn perfect. I'm one lucky, VERY lucky woman. Just ask my family.

Other recent highlights include:

My best friend, Laura's FANTASTIC wedding. Who would've ever thought the Laura and Ashley lesbian relationship would come to an end. It really hasn't though. Just ask our husbands. Poor Dennis and Cortney. But really, the wedding should be in US Weekly as one of those "top celebrity weddings". Perfect in every sense of the word. Way to go Laura!

Reed and Amber's wedding. Dennis's brother was married last weekend. We're both truly and extremely happy for Reed and his success in finding his perfect match. Congrats Reed and Amber!

My brother buying a house. Yes Colby finally finished medical school and is about to finish his internship. He now has a REAL income and they are now home owners. Congrats!

The Swine Flu Scare at Park City School District. Thus I am blogging. We don't have school. Why? Well because the Swine Flu is a fatal virus that will send you to the ER when infected!! You may turn into a ZOMBIE! Don't talk, converse or associate with anyone that may have the Swine Flu! Beware...or you too may be infected.

Ashley investigating and dabbling with a raw food diet. I'll admit it. Laura tends to rub off on me from time to time. But logically it makes sense. Just think about it. We'll see how it goes.

And last but not least...hanging out with Car and Ben in San Diego. It's pure ecstasy pallin' around with these two. I've never felt so NOT like the third wheel with a couple. I love them and hopefully we'll be seeing a diamond REAL soon.

Well folks....that's the end of the Blackburn update but we hope to hear from you soon. Other than just blogging updates.


Raising Helm said...

Thanks for the re-invite to your blogging world. All I have to say is that you are flippin' hilarious!!! well I do have a bit more to say. I am glad to here you and Dennis are happy and that you are blogging again. All your options in the new adventure/career path sound very much exciting. I think you would be a good nurse considering you have a few "medical" influences in your life. A writer, well from reading your blog-I say success!!! Teaching? you've been there? a lovely housewife....I think that is between you and the hubby. Good luck Ash, I know you will figure it out! Carpe Diem!!!

Ashley Engar said...

Thanks Brittany! You are too kind :).

Laura said...

I'm going to say that both of us should become part-time writers and full-time housewives who follow the raw food diet. that being said, you either need to move to california, or I need to move back to you-tah. by the way, it makes my day when you post a new blog. you could do one every morning all summer. really, you should. you are just that good of a writer.

i adore you. and miss you. xo.

Season, Benjamin, Eleanor, and Olive said...

Ash, I'm sorry to hear about your job, but glad to see that you are otherwise doing well. It sounds like you picked a good husband. I'm sure you'll be good at anything you do. I think you should stick with teaching, but move out of Utah.

Katie said...

I can't believe they didn't renew your contract! Well I guess that opens up a lot of options for you. You will be good at whatever you do. I'll have the summer off as well so I'm thinking we should go to the pool!

Amy Campbell said...

You should write a book, i'd read it.

Ashley and Ezra said...

I would read your book too! I'd even buy like ten copies just to get your sales up!
But seriously Im so sorry about the whole no job thing... Park City sucks! I vote on keeping the teaching career front and center, and just wait out this "lack of available teaching jobs thing" and durring the wait time you write! I love your mind!

Meg said...

oh my little ash hole!!! I cannot beleive the changes in your life! we need to get together... pronto(first of all I think that you would make a great nurse, but let us converse before you make that big of a decision) lets play soon

Carlee said...'s time to get some new drama in your life and do a new post!!