Tuesday, July 14, 2009


As some of you may already know I don't have a job. Or a kid. So in case you're wondering what I do all day I'll tell you. Nothing. I've had the case of the lazies. Before summer came I dreamt of ways to spend my days free of work. Reading countless books, writing, trying out new cooking recipes (or at least one), biking, writing my thank you cards from the wedding (which took place 5 months ago), finding some volunteer opportunities and perhaps starting a new hobby--the violin (don't laugh). Sadly, most of that has not transpired. And yet here are some things which I have done with my free time:

-Watched probably 15 hours of "The Office" (some would argue this is time well spent)
-Watched Regis and Kelly on more than one occasion. I have come to realize that they spend half of the show talking about useless information that somehow I find so mesmerizing that I can't even glance away from the t.v. screen.
-Actually attempted to watch soap operas. My one question--how are these shows still on t.v.?
-Facebook. A mind trap indeed.
-Blogging. I obviously don't DO the blogging. That would require work, but blog surfing on the other hand doesn't require much physical activity or brain usage.
-Looking at celebrity/gossip magazine websites. I can't believe I actually admitted that.
-Cleaning on occasion. If time permits me to.
-Glancing out the window from my blue couch to notice, my neighbor going on daily bike rides, my landlord stopping by daily to visit her son (he lives next door--when this happens I hide underneath the blanket so she can't see me lying on the couch all day), the mailman dropping off the mail at precisely the same time every day (I actually don't know the time...morningish), and a little bird that likes to sit in the tree right outside the window.

These are things that Dennis asked when he calls me around 2 pm after he's been working all day:
"What have you been doing all day?"
"Did you go grocery shopping?"
"Is our house still a mess?"
"Have you taken a shower?"
"Have you taken a shower in three days?"
"Do I have to cancel our comcast and Internet?"
"Did you write on our (Blackburn) website?"

Poor Dennis. But I must say that I do have quite an extensive goal list. Here are some things I need to accomplish this week:
1. Write and send out our thank you cards.
2. Pay comcast bill. We don't want that to be canceled now do we!
3. Clean house.
4. Do laundry.
5. Go grocery shopping and attempt to make a dinner. That sounds so housewivish.
6. Find a job. This is a must do.
7. Mail Laura's P90X guide back to her. I promise I'm doing this today Laura.

I have realized that I am much more productive when I actually have a job. I tend to manage my time better and get things done. Unemployment, though very appealing, can be very destructive. I found myself waking up from a second nap today around 1:30 and looked at myself in disgust. How is it that a 25 year old can spend endless hours doing nothing and feel ok about it? Well I can't, really. Yesterday I actually contemplated getting pregnant because I'm bored. That's not a good sign.

Hopefully you all are spending your time much more wisely than I am. You probably are because you have jobs and kids. I wonder what that's like.


Mandy said...

Ash- you are so funny!!!!! I loved this post. I hope you are feeling better soon! How is the knee?

Brittany said...

Dork - what P90X thing of hers do you have? I thought you had mine?

Laura said...

only your blog can make me laugh out loud. i think it is just fine that you are being lazy (except for your lack of blogging, which could, and should, be bringing me daily joy and happiness). you are recuperating from knee surgery and a long, long school year. you can be productive in a few months. can you tell i'm trying to justify my life?

Ashley Engar said...

The knee is ok. I think I need to just accept that I have a bad knee and move on. Britt-I had Laura's fitness guide and I think I took your nutrition plan book. I will give it back to you next time I see you. Laura, let's be honest. Not working it God's gift to man.

Nate, Jenny and Amelia said...

I love this post. I say enjoy the laziness. It won't last forever and just shoot to get one thing done per day. No need for a long list!

Bret and Cherissa Newton said...

Trust me, pregnancy is not a good option. Nothing is worse than being tired and lazy while being sick. I wouldn't recommmend it, but ask me again in January.

Season, Benjamin, Eleanor, and Olive said...

Ashley, you are hilarious. Thanks for the laughs. Why is it so easy for me to picture you on your couch, having not showered for a few days? :) And I love that you hid under the blanket to not be seen. Very funny.

Raising Helm said...

Oh, I love it! lazy shmazy. Enjoy! but I do have to say I loved the fact that you actually contemplated on getting pregnant because you are bored-ha ha ha. Nice story to tell your future child.I also love that Dennis has to ask you twice if you have showered in the last few days. I think you could fit right into motherhood. Atleast my motherhood: cooking...blah -cleaning...never ends-laundry...close the door shower...if you are lucky

Ashley and Ezra said...

Reading this post was the best 5 minutes of my day... I am currently sitting at my desk staring at a computer putting off the inevitable of actually working! Yes I have a pile of documents that need to be drafted, bills that need to be paid, bills that need to be sent out to clients, and emails that need to be responded to. I guess what Im trying to say is... enjoy the lazies while you can! I'm jealous... even of the not showering thing... I've contemplated just buying a ton of hats, thus never having to get ready or do my hair again??? I dont know, just a thought!

Carlee said...

I love it!! I've been wondering what you've been doing with your free time. Especially because we live super close and I haven't seen you!