Monday, November 16, 2009

It's official. The flu has caught me.

Well actually just a cold. I called in sick to work today and I'm hanging out on the couch to see if I can rid my body of this cold by watching t.v. all day. I'll let you know if it works. And yes I have reason to believe that Mrs. Erin Bradley passed on her sore throat to myself and Lacey. Love you anyway Er.

Stay healthy this holiday season by taking lots and lots of Airborne.


Carlee said...

Who am I going to gchat with?? You should also pund emergenC.

Get better..

laura n. said...

boo for being sick...also caught a bit of a bug this weekend. get better soon!

p.s. i'm so homesick for you, its weird.

p.p.s. - carlee, i'll gchat with you!!!


Erin Bradley said...

Oh shoot Ash. You were bound to get it with all that kissing we were doing:). Hope you are tougher than I was and feel better SOON!

Season said...

I'm sorry, Ash. Hope you feel better soon. I think the flu is trying to catch me, too.

Raising Helm said...

Good luck with the t.v. watching and of course the cold. Yuck! hope you feel better soon.

chelsea b james said...

you are my favorite