Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Movie Review Blog...

Dennis and I have been known to watch a lot of movies. Yeah. We do. We also get made fun of because it seems that that's all we do. Well, if I could drink alcohol then I probably wouldn't watch as many movies. But I don't, so all I have left for entertainment are movies. Our lives are super awesome though. Let me share some awesome things we do that are way exciting.

-Make chocolate chip cookies. At least three times a week.
-Not only do we watch movies but we also watch television. Here are some of our favs:
Bad Girls Club
Family Guy
The Office re-runs
Any show on HGTV
Jersey Shore
16 and Pregnant
Big Cat Diaries
Shear Genius
and don't forget the new reality series "Kell on Earth"

-Go to the gym (rarely)
-Fight over the remote (Dennis is obsessed with the Jazz and expects me to watch every game happily)
-Make fun of each other (sometimes we act like brother and sister. I know, kind of creepy.)
-Play hours upon hours of Mario Cart while I get really pissed off and start using inappropriate words. Dennis thinks he the best Mario Cart player ever. I'd like to see him up against a 13-year-old boy.
-We attempted to play Super Mario Brothers on our Wii but that will surely lead to a divorce. Dennis is always pushing me off the ledge and throwing shells at me. And once again I get really angry and start using phrases like, "I hate you" and "I'm going to kill you".

So as you can see we spend our time wisely and most productively. And we're super awesome with our exciting activities. So you might be asking yourself what is the point of this post. Well it's to promote and advertise our new movie review blog. Since we have some time to use more productively we decided to create a blog that may or may not help you out. We see a lot of movies. And now we'll tell you whether or not to waste your time watching. We'll waste our time instead.

So check it out! We made our first post about "The Lovely Bones". If you thoroughly enjoyed this movie you might not want to click on our movie blog link. It was probably one of the worst movies ever made. Right up there with Twilight and New Moon. FYI, the only reason I saw those Stephanie Meyer movies is because I actually wasted brain cells reading the books.

Best Movie Review Blog EVER

You can also click on the link on the right side of this blog.


laura n. said...

hahahahahaha. i miss you.

Julie said...

Um, I thought I was the only one on this planet that watches The Bad Girls Club.

Ashley Blackburn said...

Ha ha...I'm so glad you watch it Julie!! Best show ever!

Krista said...

you hate twilight too?! i love your new review blog already!

Raising Helm said...

You are funny. Sounds like you are getting along just fine. ha ha-Atleast you are doing something with the time. Enjoy the movie reviewing and I will let you watch all the "scary" movies for me. gracias!

Bret and Cherissa Newton said...

Seriously, the only thing we do more than watch movies is eat out. Maybe we should link your blog with one I write about restaurant reviews!

Ashley Blackburn said...

Cherissa that is a great idea I didn't know you were a food critic!