Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tap Water? Never Again.

If you haven't heard already I would definitely take a look at the article below from Good Morning America. A recent environmental group conducted a study to find a carcinogen Chromium 6 in our drinking water. Shockingly, they found the chemical in 31 of 35 cities involved in the study. Salt Lake being one of them. What's more alarming is that Brita water filters don't work, which means you have to buy one of those expensive $300+ water filtrations systems that is installed into your sink. But, I have found an inexpensive water filter that filters all chemicals including Chromium 6 out of tap water. It's called ZeroWater. You can buy it at Target or Bed Bath and Beyond.

I'm not usually a huge campaigner for random products, but I feel pretty passionate about this, because most people I talk to have no idea that this chemical is chillin in their drinking water. After long term exposure the carcinogen is known to cause cancer. Anyway, just thought I'd pass along this tid bit of information. I will never drink our tap water again!!

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